HLTNC 3 4 Axis Mach3 System CNC Router Controller Box With DM542 Nema23 Stepper Motor Driver 2.2kw VFD And 500W 36V Power Supply

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 4 Axis Controller Box x1

Motor Cable x 4

 Spindle Cable x 1

 Power Cable x 1

 USB cable x 1

  CD x 1

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1. Integrated

2. Aviation Connector (Easy to be installed)

3. 500W PSU & 2.2KW VFD

① VFD Control Panel

② Power Switch

③ Pump Switch (Spare)

④ Emergency Stop Button

⑤ USB Interface

⑥ Motor Interface

⑦ Spingle Interface

⑧ Reserved Interface

(Hand wheel, proximtiy Switch)

⑨ Power Interface

⑩ Power Supply Fans

Call up the programming function code or

return to the exit programming status

Enter the submenu or data confirmation

Multi function button F8.04 Function selection

The modification bit of data can be moved

in the programming state

+Modify number

-Modify number

The factory default keyboard starts. Press this key

to enter the operation state. The FWD light is on

Stop button, press this button to reset the fault in

case of inverter fault

① REV reverse operation indicator

② By default, this knob is used for 0-50Hz speed regulation

③ FWD forward running indicator

When one of the FWD or REV indicator lights is on, it means

that the inverter is running

Running indicator. The motor can only operate with operating

frequency.Some parameters cannot be modified under

running status

Inverter Paremeter Setting


Max frequency Hz


Max frequency Hz


Spindle Voltage


Spindle Current


Spindle Speed


Spindle Frequency

If your spindle motor is 400hz, three-phase, 220v, 7A,

24000RPM, you can set it as above;

if your spindle input voltage is 110v,

you can change F4.00=110

Operation Example:

Change the ( FUNC ) key function to the reverse start start key

1. Press ( PRG ) to display F0:00

2. Press ( ▶▶ ) ( ▲ ) to change F0:00 to F8.04

3. Press ( ENTER ) to display 0

4. Press (▲ ) to change to display 3

5. Press ( ENTER) to display F8.05

6. Press ( PRG ) to display d-00, and then press ( PRG ) to

    return and exit

    Setup Complete

( FUNC ) Reverse start button

( RUN ) Forward rotation start button

( STOP ) Stop button

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HLTNC 3 4 Axis Mach3 System CNC Router Controller Box With DM542 Nema23 Stepper Motor Driver 2.2kw VFD And 500W 36V Power Supply

$640.00 $320.00